“transports you to the most peaceful place”

-audience review


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publicity images


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Peter Jacobi, reviewer for The Herald Times, Bloomington, IN, 2019

“…The singers, led by baritone Daniel Koplitz, mastered melismatic song with absolute integrity and purity, sticking resolutely to individual meters and allowing the individuality of their voices to be heard, even while not allowing those individualities to escape the choral whole. Quite a feat. 

One was left, as the musicians intended, with a blend of sadness for feelings that divide and for hope that greater love may ultimately govern all humankind.”

Charles Grosz, artistic & executive director of Early Music Now, 2019

“Over the past two years, I have watched APERI ANIMAM grow from an advanced student group into a professional ensemble, which this past season has performed at several of Early Music Now’s events. APERI ANIMAM is a promising and creative ensemble, and a wonderful asset to Milwaukee’s early early music scene.”

Marisa Gatti-Taylor, early music enthusiast, 2019

“If by some divine intervention, the pipes of a grand organ were to become human, they would sound like Aperi Animam. This group's gusto in interpreting challenging and hitherto relatively unknown pieces of music brings their selections to the public and makes them vibrantly relevant. A performance by Aperi Animam is a thrilling experience.”

Audience member, 2017

Amazing! I was blown away by the gorgeous blending of clear voices with impeccable precision!”

Audience member, 2017

“Pure perfection. It’s great to see young talent taking old and sacred music so seriously and enthusiastically.”